Hardwood Blend Pellet Fuel
Maine Woods Pellet Co.
A premium blend of hardwood and softwood wood pellet that has no additives like glue or other adhesives.
We offer premium hardwood blend pellets from Maine Woods Pellet Company, located in Athens, Maine.
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Hardwood Pellet Fuel
Turman Hardwood Pellets
A premium wood pellet has no additives like glue or other adhesives.
We offer premium 100% hardwood pellet from Turman Hardwood Pellets, located in Galax, Virginia.
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Blue Ridge Hardwood Pellets
Premium Hardwood Pellets
A premium 100% hardwood pellet
  • Premium Grade
  • Red Oak Wood 
  • Kiln Dried Shavings and flooring residues
  • Low ash, efficient burn
  • 40lb Bags
  • From Tennessee 
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One Pallet of BioBricks Delivers More Heat Than a Full Cord of Wood
  • Biobricks® are ideally sized for wood stoves. Packing density is optimized. This high density fuel extends your burn times greatly.
  • 100% wood, no artificial binders
  • Cost effective, 1 lb of Biobricks® equals 1.7 lbs of cordwood
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Fuel Today

As wholesalers of biofuel, we distribute Premium Wood Pellet fuel to New England, New York, and the Mid-Atlantic states. We sell and ship full truckloads of quality wood pellets to our network of dealers and retailers in these regions.
We're proud to deliver an environmentally sound product to today's increasingly savvy and green consumers.
At PelletsNow, we take an old-fashioned approach to business. We value quality products, honesty and excellent customer service.
PelletsNow sales and operations staff wants to earn and keep your business; we truly enjoy meeting new friends and making new customers. Those relationships help us to grow with you and the green fuel market.
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